Registration for the 2021/22 Season

Registration for lessons, classes, and ensembles is open!

Private Lessons (for all ages)

Our season features year-round private lessons.  Private lesson students also receive access to professional practice rooms, performance workshops,  discounts to classes and ensembles, and faculty and student concerts.

Not sure how to begin? Call or fill out the consultation form below – and we can help select the right instructor and course of study.

  • New Students: Pay a one-time $45 registration fee
  • Continuing students  of 2017/18: Pay $0 registration fee
  • Previous Students: $25 registration fee

Private Lessons

  1. Private lessons continue year-round (September – August)
  2. Read the SMC Policies
  3. Register online with one student per registration
  4. Tuition is due the first day of each month and will be charged through our monthly payment system.  Students paying by check or a one-time payment method, a tuition deposit of one-month is required at registration.
  5. We will confirm lesson date and time based on your choices and payment received


Classes and Ensembles

We offer a mix of classes and ensembles for many different levels starting this Spring including:

  • Musicianship and Theory (multiple levels)
  • Salsa Bands
  • Reggae Ensemble
  • Latin Percussion (Mondays for Adults)
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Suzuki Violin Groups
  • Rock Bands
  • and more!

Interested in joining one of our ensembles? Let us know here:

If  you would like to schedule a consultation or ask us anything,
please complete the form below:

Inquiry form

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