Programs of Study

At SMC, students have the option to enhance their private lessons by participating in diploma programs, competitions, exam preparation and lessons in various styles including, jazz, classical, rock, funk and more.

Suzuki Strings Program:
The Suzuki method, a world-renowned system of music education is specifically effective for learning string instruments. Young students as early as preschool, learn music like a native language through emphasizing aural skills, parental involvement, and repetition. SMC offers certified Suzuki faculty for string instruments.  For more information, visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas. 

ABRSM Exams:
An evaluation system since 1889, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music has been widely accepted in more than 90 countries to nurture and evaluate individual performance and progress. By entering the ABRSM program, our faculty will prepare students for either Theory or Instrumental evaluations. For more information, visit the ABRSM.ORG

Jazz Studies:
Students have an opportunity to learn and collaborate with NYC’s top performing jazz musicians. In a fun and satisfying environment, students build skills in jazz theory and improvisation in private lessons and in the Jazz Improvisation class.

Performance Opportunities:
Students have at least two recitals each year with more musical performance opportunities including composition, school and community events.

Competitions and Diplomas:
Students can prepare for numerous competition and diploma programs, offering rewards such as performing at Carnegie Hall and other distinguished venues.