Speak Music Conservatory Scholarship Puppies!

Otis-Otis is an adorable, lazy, lovable pup. The largest male of the group, he does like to play, but sometimes he would just rather snuggle or find something to eat. He loves the outdoors the most, and that is where you will see him truly run. Otis is tolerant and loving, and is looking for someone who likes to cuddle.
Melody- Melody is a curious and playful pup who will melt your heart. She loves to snuggle and explore in equal measures. All four of her paws are dipped in white like little socks, and her large, floppy ears and playful hop make her look as though she is part bunny. Sweet and mellow Melody is looking for her forever home.
Bass- Bass is a lovable girl with a big, bass-sized heart.  She can already come when called, and is eager to explore new sights and sounds. She enjoys romping around with her brothers and sisters, chewing on toys, and cuddling. Come meet Bass, she will pull on your heartstrings!
Half Note- Half Note started off as the smallest of the litter, but with some extra TLC and alone time with his mama, he has grown into a happy, healthy, energetic guy. Proving that small can be mighty, he often leads the pack on their adventures. Our Half Note will make your life whole.
Lola- One of the two short-haired twins, Lola is a spunky and sweet puppy who loves to sniff out new territory. "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets," definitely applies here, as Lola has a determined spirit. When she isn't cuddling, she wants to run! She has a lot of energy and would love an active human family with whom to explore the world!
Lee Scratch Perry- With his classic puppy looks and sleek coat, Lee Scratch was a favorite in our household, especially for his tolerance to very small hands. He was the first in the litter to open his wide, marble eyes to the world. He enjoys running and being chased, wrestling with his littler mates, and rolling balls.

 One of our families here at SMC has had puppies! (yay puppies!)  They were born on October 5th and now we have six sweet puppies that are ready to find a good home!

When you adopt an SMC Scholarship Puppy your money goes directly into our SMC Scholarship fund.  With your donation you are providing the opportunity for students in our community to participate in music education- an opportunity they otherwise would not be able to experience without your help!

To know more about the adoption process or the SMC Scholarship Fund please email: office@speakmusic.org

Check out the “puppy blurbs” above to know more about each of their funny little personalities.